Browning Homes is an award winning designer-builder who is committed to creating architecturally stunning and ideally livable homes. Douglas Browning, President of Browning Homes, personally develops the conceptual drawings and architectural details of each home.  Douglas is not a licensed architect, but has vast experience in designing high-quality custom homes.  The rights to use the plans presented here are available for purchase.  It is important that the purchaser is confident that no changes need to be made as changes to these plans would require additional cost.  For those searching for a home designer, Browning is happy to provide the design service of a custom home without the commitment of using Browning Homes as the builder.  The cost for this service is minimal compared with it’s value.  Depending on the estimated time and complexity of the project, a custom design fee generally costs between $1.50 and $2.00 per square foot of the total area of the structure.  This fee would cover the design and drafting of the house plans, but would not include any structural engineering of any kind.



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